• Free after-sale service
  • Goods from your official distributor
  • Dealer with "customer satisfaction"
  • Option of booking an external workshop ticket
  • OnBoard diagnosis at Electronic-Fuchs with more than 10 years
  • Free after-sale service
  • Goods from your official distributor
  • Dealer with "customer satisfaction"
  • Option of booking an external workshop ticket
  • OnBoard diagnosis at Electronic-Fuchs with more than 10 years

Electronic-Fuchs – Your Dealer for your OnBoard OBD 1 OBD 2 and Vehicle specific Diagnostic.

All our Products included After-Sale Service and access to our

24 Hours "Online-Support-Center"!

With more than 10 years of experience for onboard-diagnostic in the private and business customer sector, you can get the right diagnostic-interface and software from your dealer Electronic-Fuchs.

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You purchase your product from a multi-brand distributor:

  • Short communication channels between distributor and manufacturer and therefore best prices for you at the highest quality. Since we know our products (diagnostic scanner, diagnostic interface, diagnostic software), you get the best possible technical after-sale service for your product.
  • Our telephone customer service will be happy to take your product inquiry personally. We will get in touch with you immediately. Your request is important to us.
  • Each of our customers has access to the 24-hour "Online Support Center". There you will find your installation instructions, help on the use of your product, download links for the diagnostic software and the most common support queries will be answered there - at any time!
  • If you need further assistance, have questions about your product or your software license, use your free and unlimited email support.

Together we will find the right solution for you - everything from a single source!

Diagnostic Interface and Software from:


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Simply hold in the liquid and press the measuring button. Already the water content is displayed by LED - high quality design!

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33 reasons why you should buy from us:

  • You get unlimited and free after-sale service via Email
  • You can also use the optional setup / installation service
  • You will receive your goods from your official distributor
  • You get the best possible manufacturer support
  • You get access to the 24-hour online support center
  • You will receive your shipment by post / DHL (Packstation possible)
  • You get permanent reliability
  • You have the option to choose from various payment options
  • You handle your sale through a member of the "IT Law Firm in Munich"
  • You will receive your goods from a German address
  • You will receive support in German and English language
  • You get above-average background knowledge
  • You are buying from a dealer with "customer satisfaction"
  • We offer you competent partners for further solution
  • You will receive your rental service from us
  • You get "individual contacts" from us
  • You get discounts from us
  • You get access to our media library
  • You can also contact us by phone
  • You have the option of booking an external workshop ticket
  • As a third-party customer, you will receive a support ticket
  • You will receive your OnBoard diagnosis at Electronic-Fuchs with more than 10 years of experience
  • You only get branded products from us
  • You buy goods that are checked by us for quality assurance throughout the entire manufacturing process
  • You receive products that are in line with current trends and future developments
  • You receive regular updates and communication from us about new products or offers ( news )
  • You receive your goods from your retailer, who works with customers to solve problems
  • You get the option of uncomplicated returns and exchanges
  • You buy from your retailer who contributes to social projects and charities during the "Christmas season"
  • You can rely on us to deliver on time and reliably
  • You get first-class products at fair prices
  • You can have your product shipped internationally
  • You receive your product in accordance with safety standards, which are adhered to

Your official distributor for:

  • MultiECUScan
  • AlfaOBD
  • CarPort OBD2
  • Foxwell ( Foxwell-tech.eu)
  • CCY - Interface
  • MaxiECU (MPM-COM)
  • ScanMyOpel
  • ForScan.org
  • StarDiag.de
  • Autel (CEO)