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  • Exclusive distributor for MultiECUScan-Germany (www.multiecuscan.de)
  • Exclusive distributor for AlfaOBD-Germany (www.alfabod.de)
  • Exclusive Distributor "OBDKey interface"
  • GERMAN OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTOR FOR "SCAN TOOLS", "DUONIX", "CarPortOBD2" and! Therefore, you will find in this store everything you need for the car diagnosis of this Software!
  • Agent for "Autel", "iCarsoft" products - 100% original with MANUFACTURER SUPPORT! It can all "Autel- and FOXWELL PRODUCTS" and "iCarsoft PRODUCTS" are offered - you should contact me!
  • Buy from an authorized distributor or agent, so you get the best manufacturer support! We are members of the Federal dealer!


  • You will receive personal and customer-focused contact, beginning with the advice to purchase a product through to after sales. Customer satisfaction is my top priority! For the purchase you need to perform any annoying registration. You get free ungebrenzten and email support! For non-real time solvable problems, you telephone support is ready to help! Furthermore, you also get access to the 24 hour online support customer center where you installation instructions, error codes etc. find.
  • Shipping is by mail or DHL (shipping and freight stations possible). The dispatch within Germany is free shipping now!
  • Individual requests are granted. If you did not found a product, then let me know. I will gladly give you a tailor-made offer! Search for your workshop the right tool, so do not hesitate and let me know!