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All our Products are included After-Sale-Service !



You buy your product from a member of the dealer association











20 reasons why you should buy from us:


  •     You get unlimited and free after-sale service
  •     You will receive your goods from your official distributor
  •     You get the best possible manufacturer support
  •     You get access to the 24-hour online support center
  •     You will receive your shipment by post / DHL (Packstation possible)
  •     You get permanent reliability
  •     You have the option to choose from various payment options
  •     You handle your sale through a member of the "Dealer Association"
  •     You will receive your goods from a German address
  •     You will receive support in German
  •     You get above-average background knowledge
  •     You are buying from a dealer with "customer satisfaction"
  •     We offer you competent partners for further solution
  •     You will receive your rental service from us
  •     You get "individual contacts" from us
  •     You get discounts from us
  •    You get access to our media library
  •    You can also contact us by phone
  •    You have the option of booking an external workshop ticket
  •    As a third-party customer, you will receive a support ticket


Your official distributor for:



  • MultiECUScan-Deutschland
  • AlfaOBD-Deutschland
  • CarPort OBD2
  • Foxwell (
  • CCY-Interface
  • MaxiECU (MPM-COM)
  • ScanMyOpel
  • ForScan