Shipping terms

Payment and dispatch

The following conditions are valid it:

Dispatch terms

The delivery occurs within Germany and in the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland, France, Irishman's country, the Slovakian republic, Sweden, Slovenia, the United Kingdom, Norway, Singapore, Malaysia, Russian Förderation, Estonia,Hungary, Slovenia, Reunoin, Australia, New Zealand, Malta, Croatia, Serbia, Latvia, Unitet State, Canada, Romania, Bulgaria.

Forwarding expenses (including legal value added tax)

Deliveries within Germany:

We calculate no forwarding expenses.

Deliveries abroad:

We calculate the forwarding expenses abroad inclusively as follows:

Austria: 9,90€
Belgium: 9.90€
Denmark: € 9.90€
Greece:  9.90€
Italy: 15,90 €
Luxembourg: 9.90 €
Netherlands: 9.90 €
Poland:  9.90€
Portugal: 9.90 €
Spain: 9.90 €
Czech republic: 9.90 €
Slovenia: 9.90 €
Hungary: 9.90 €
Finland: 9.90 €
France: 9.90 €
Ireland: € 9.90
Slovak republic: 9.90 €
Sweden:  9.90€
United Kingdom: 9.90 €
Switzerland: 14,90€
Norway: 14.90€
Singapore:  14.90€
Malaysia:  14.90€
Russian Federation: 14.90 €
Estonia: 9.90€
Hungary 9,90 €
Slovenia 9,90 €
Reunoin: 14,90 €
Australia: 14.90€
New Zealand:  14.90€
Malta:  9.90€
Croatia:  9.90€
Serbia: 14.90 €
Latvia: 9.90 €
Unitet Country: 14,90 €
Canada:  14.90€
Romania: 9.90 €
Bulgaria: 9,90€

Terms of delivery:

As far as in the respective offer no other term is given, the delivery of the product occurs in Germany within 3-5 days, by foreign deliveries within 5-7 days after contract end (on agreed pre-payment after the time of your order to pay).

Note that on Sundays and holidays no delivery occurs.
If you have ordered article with different delivery times, we dispatch the product in a common broadcasting, provided that we have met no divergent arrangements with you. In this case the delivery time determines itself according to the article with the longest delivery time you have ordered.

With pickup by the customer we inform you by e-mail about the supply of the product and the Abholmöglichkeiten. In this case no forwarding expenses are calculated.

Payment terms

By deliveries within Germany you have the following payment possibilities:

- Cash payment with collection
- Precash by transfer
- The 2.00€ of Zustellgebühren which you must pay, nevertheless, not to us, but to the delivery agent directly) attack payment cash on delivery (plus COD charge 9.90€ further
- Payment by PayPal

By deliveries abroad you have the following payment possibilities:

- Precash by transfer
- Payment cash on delivery (plus COD charge 19.90€)
- Payment by PayPal

You find our contact data in the imprint with questions.